Video Poker Rules – Learn to play video poker

Video poker is one of the popular games at the casinos. Most people think that playing video poker is just like playing slot machines because the two games look so similar. The truth is that they are really nothing alike. Video Poker gives players the chance to decide what they do in the game, where the slots just show you what you ended up with.

The rules of video poker are easy to understand. You have to make the best poker hand from the five cards that you are dealt.

Playing Video Poker

Video poker is played similar to normal poker. You place your bet on the game and you are dealt five cards. From there you just have to decide which cards you want to keep and which cards you want to discard.

When your cards are discarded you get more cards to replace these cards. It’s this hand that will win or loose for you.

As for what cards will win or loose in your hand, that all depends on the type of video poker machine you are playing. Video poker rules change with each type of machine, with some machines paying on a pair of jacks or better, some that take deuces (twos) as wild cards, and many many more combinations. The best thing is to look at the pay-table on the video poker machine that you are playing. This will give you all of the information about that game and what you need to have in your hand to win.

Video Poker Tips

There aren’t to many tips that you need to play video poker. The rules of video poker are always straight forward and set out when you play the game. There area few good tips that you should remember though.

1 – Don’t keep kickers. Kickers are high cards like Aces that don’t match anything else in your hand, but you keep them “just in case”. In video poker these are almost useless. There’s no point keeping a spare Ace with a pair when you’ve got a chance of getting a matching card to get three-of-a-kind if you discard that Ace.

2 – Don’t keep anything that doesn’t pay. If you’re playing Jacks Or Better video poker, then keeping a pair of 7’s is tempting, but you won’t win anything from it. You’re better of throwing these away and hoping that something else will come out.

3 – Be careful playing multiple games. Some video poker games let you play up to 100 games at once. This may seem like a good way to win more, but it’s an even better way to loose more. Doing this works on automated systems to decide which cards to keep, that’s if they give you the option at all! You’re much better off betting larger amounts on one game that you can control easily then spreading the money out over lots of games that you don’t have much control over at all.