Ukash Payment Option

London based Ukash is a brand well known primarily to its British consumer base when money transfer is concerned. It is incredibly simple and easy to use and this is perhaps its main selling point – a convenient and fast way to use funds on the internet (fan favorite for online casino players and the like) and offline. This is the short definition of what constituted Ukash at its basics… we will delve into further examination and explanation of its features and how it scales against the competition.

As a substitution for a credit or debit card, Ukash has been functioning for some time and has had success with their “eMoney” transfer system. While generally situated (in both special offers and functional terms) in the UK, the service is available in over 55 countries and supports several local currencies (like dollars or euros).

Their market strategy is to appeal to consumers who don’t want to use their credit or debit cards for depositing online (online casino players) and simply want to add funds to their online account and play undisturbed. This works rather well since the application process and the way Ukash is integrated into the majority of online gambling establishments is fairly straight forward and hassle free.

Ukash is basically an e-voucher that can be bought online or at any Ukash provider (currently the offer stands for 5 vouchers per account with sums of 10, 20, 30, 50, 65, 100, 150, 200 and 500 EUR, or the local currency if it applies). You have the option to either merge or split the voucher’s amount for making bigger or smaller deposits. This comes in handy in online betting / wagering when trying games for the first time and you don’t want to deposit a large amount of money.

The prepaid card has unique 19-digit numbers that identify the user and the funds generated from his/hers account. Apart from the short registration process, the creation of an Ukash account is quick and without any delay.

Availability and services

As we mentioned above, Ukash has a wide spread network of over 55 states where its services can be used (the US are excluded though many countries from Europe are eligible). Deposits are available from many locations worldwide (either ATM’s or certified stores) and withdrawals can be made in accordance with MasterCard certified establishments.

Now that we have established where Ukash is present, we ought to add in which way. First, as already stated, their e-voucher that doesn’t require credit card to be used. Second, their MasterCard rePower service (only available in the UK) that adds funds on an existing MasterCard or Maestro prepaid card. Finally, there’s the gift shop (again, UK based only) that can be used for purchase of items (services) from their online store. The restrictions for UK only are a bit of a turnoff, though the simplicity and convenience of Ukash cannot be denied.